Potential of email correspondence with Russian:

  • realization of your most bold, innermost dreams and hopes, 
  • obtain real lively news from your pen-pals lips about Russia, 
  • become familiar with Russian language, 
  • develop a strong friendship or even get married with your soulmate from Russia - the Lord's paths are higher then ours, and via the Internet, these relationships can become a reality. 
  • also, you may have a interesting and free travel to secret places of the Russia! (Russian couch-surfing). 

The message of our online internet penpal community

The mission of our Russian-English pen pal club is the development of international friendship, email correspondence, face to face talking and cultural, language exchange (including free learn russian for foreign) between penapls of different countries (Russia, USA, Australia,Germany,Canada, Europe, Asia and etc), and to destroy the bounds of misunderstanding and discrimination between them. 
Correspondence with Russian pen pal is an amazing travel to another world, culture, nation, intimate world of your e-pals.