Welcome to the English-Russian Edelveis International Pen-Pal Club

We are very happy you have come to our club's Internet page. We hope the membership in our penpals club will be useful and interesting for you! 

 The message of our online internet penpal community 
The mission of our Russian-English pen pal club is the development of international friendship, email correspondence, face to face talking and cultural, language exchange (including free learn russian for foreign) between penapls of different countries (Russia, USA, Australia,Germany,Canada, Europe, Asia and etc), and to destroy the bounds of misunderstanding and discrimination between them. 

Correspondence with Russian pen pal is an amazing travel to another world, culture, nation, intimate world of your e-pals. 

Potential of email correspondence with Russian: 

  • realization of your most bold, innermost dreams and hopes, 
  • obtain real lively news from your pen-pals lips about Russia, 
  • become familiar with Russian language, 
  • develop a strong friendship or even get married with your soulmate from Russia - the Lord's paths are higher then ours, and via the Internet, these relationships can become a reality. 
  • also, you may have a interesting and free travel to secret places of the Russia! (Russian couch-surfing). 

Ask your questions, write letters to us. We will gladly reply to every note from you. 

In our English-Russian pen pal club, you will find various services, both free and not free. Usually the services that have a cost associated with them are better then free ones, but with the free services, you can have good contact with your foreign friends. We hope these tools will help you develop a strong, heartfelt connection with your Russian friends. The members of our club - girls, boys, men and women, are citizens of many different countries: Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Iceland, Africa, China, Germany, United Kingdom...and the list has no end. Every day a new member joins our international pen-pal club. We are glad to provide this service for every person with a kind and sincere heart. 

However, not all people have kind hearts. Some have evil, lying hearts. So sometimes we find scammers in our club. These scammers usually falsely write to you that they have very big problems, such as... "I am residing in a refugee camp here in Dakar as a result of the civil war that wa s fought in my country. My late father, Dr.Williams Saleemeh, was the chairman managing director (AWA INDUSTRIAL COMPANY LTD) in Freetown, the capital city of my country, and he was the personal advisor to the former head of state before the rebels attacked our house early one morning and killed my father in cold blood....blah-blah-blah." Then, in the first or second letter, they beg you for some money to help them. Beware! Never send money! So if you get such letters from our members, write to Administrator and we will send them a message that says "Go away, scammer!", and then we will delete them from the pen-pal club.